OIL2AIR® Freshens the air in your home or business naturally


Humans host so many germs, and by coughing, sneezing, or not washing their hands enough, these germs are easily spread from one person to another.


Every inch of air in your school, home or office is circulated through AIR CONDITIONERS. DIRTY AIR means DIRTY AIR CONDITIONERS.  MOLD SPORES, CHEMICALS, BACTERIA, and who knows what else is in this DIRTY AIR.

It has been estimated that people in DEVELOPED COUNTRIES spend more than 90% of their lives INDOORS!

THE AVERAGE PERSON BREATHES IN AND OUT over 23,000 times per day.

The air you breathe greatly influences your health.

Oil2Air freshens the air in your home or business NATURALLY so you can ENJOY a HIGHER QUALITY of INDOOR AIR.


What are Essential Oils?

They are produced by plants to help:

  1. Ward Off bacteria, funguses (MOLD), and other microbes.
  2. Repel insects.

Oil2Air® contains only natural, “God-Made” Essential Oils

Our list of ingredients are easily readable by 7 year olds.

drchriscormierOur premier air diffuser, created by Dr. Chris Cormier, freshens the air so you breathe healthy, clean, pure air – and experience the good health that comes along with breathing high quality air.

We also make a surface formula appropriate for surfaces, desks, floors, door knobs, etc.

Our supplier buys direct from the finest essential oil distillers in countries all over the world. This keeps the price low and the quality high.

Our formulas have been rigorously tested in the Microbiology Department at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.