Indoor Air is a Petri Dish

Humans host so many germs, and by coughing, sneezing, or not washing their hands enough, these germs are easily spread from one person to another.

Air Conditioners are Blowing Dirty Air

Every inch of air in your school, home or office is circulated through air conditioners. Dirty means dirty air conditioners.  MOLD SPORES, CHEMICALS, BACTERIA, as well as other harmful molecules are floating around in the air we breath.


It has been estimated that people in developed countries spend more than 90% of their lives indoors! In fact, the AVERAGE person breathes in and out over 23,000 times per day.

As you've probably gathered, the air you breathe greatly influences your health. That's why we've introduced OIL2AIR™: to freshen the air in your home or business NATURALLY so you can enjoy a higher and healthier quality of life!