Clean Air is Vital for Wellness

Our Founder's Story with Dr. Chris Cormier, DC

Dr. Chris Cormier,DCIn Louisiana, there is no shortage of hot, humid weather, which is perfect for moisture liking pathogens (mold, fungus, bacteria, etc.)  Air conditioners run continuously to help filter and cool our indoor air.  Unfortunately, these moisture-seeking, airborne pathogens can end up colonizing in the air conditioners/ducts as well as any other part of your house/office with water/condensation.  These airborne pathogens also colonize in moisture-producing areas of the human body (skin, mucous membranes in your mouth, nose, sinuses, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, etc.).  


It all started by using essential oil blends to freshen the air in my house and in my office. I used various diffusers which required too much effort and really only seemed to cover a tiny amount of space.  I saw a need to invent something.



Safe For Schools and Hospitals

At around the same time, one of my patients, Ms. Sherral Tezeno, principal of Vidrine Elementary School, was doing some similar things with essential oils in her school, but it was very labor intensive each day for her janitors.  I remember the day when I said to her that I wanted to help and invent something to make it easier for her and her janitors.  Both of us wanted to make the indoor air fresher in schools to help teachers and students.

It took months to research essential oils.  I needed to get the highest quality oil for the lowest price.  Initially, I was only finding 2 types of companies:  

  1. High Priced, High Quality Oils with many middlemen between the farmer and the customer buying the oil

  2. Low Priced, Low Quality Oils with cheap additives and fillers and little therapeutic benefits

Finally, I started researching the experts, aromatherapists.  I found one who was the president of one the aromatherapy associations, and she was a part of an essential oil company grandmother started by her grandmother in the 1970s.  Her company isn’t advertised because they don’t need to.  Their essential oils are obtained directly from the distillers. Most other essential oils are handled by numerous brokers before they reach the consumer. The high quality of their oils is guaranteed by their quality control expert who regularly visits distillers in the various countries of origin throughout the world. To meet the higher quality standards of phytotherapy, each of their essential oils is guaranteed to be pure, genuine, unadulterated, and of a single species. Many commercially available oils are standardized or manipulated to suit flavor and fragrance industry standards. All of our essential oils are guaranteed pesticide-free. Their oils are analyzed by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrum (GC-MS) methods at an independent European laboratory and the results interpreted by our quality control expert.

I liked their oils so much that I began formulating my own blend of oil with this company to help people improve their indoor air.  Then, because of my true desire to help people, I wanted to prove how my formula could REALLY change lives. So, I began testing my formula in the microbiology laboratory at The University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Not Your Ordinary Air Freshener

Fungus, mold, and some bacteria don't like Oil2Air™. That's why we use them on countertops, bathrooms, floors, doorknobs, etc.

OIL2AIR™ was formed to help people freshen indoor air naturally with ZERO maintenance, and a diffuser that simply requires a refill every 2-3 months. No electricity, no cords, no constant refilling, no moving it around, no ingredients you are unable to pronounce… only 1 diffuser per air conditioner in your house or business with our proprietary blend of essential oils (lemongrass, peppermint, clove, and cinnamon). There are no added ingredients… ONLY 4 ESSENTIAL OILS!

After a year of intensive research and development, OIL2AIR™ now has a line of products that utilize essential oils to help freshen your indoor air.