People love OIL2AIR™

robin  "I love the clean smell of my house, especially when we’ve been gone for a few days. I have used it as an insect repellent and as an air diffuser, and I haven’t seen a pest since! I also referred my friends and relatives to OIL2AIR™." - Robin Hebert 


becky  "I like the fresh smell, and knowing what it does. People walk into our shop and say they like the way it smells."- Becky Billeaud


kelly  "The smell is so fresh and clean. It helps with allergies, and keeps me from getting colds, and removes bad smells. I would recommend it to people. I use it at home too."- Kyla Regan


Dr. Doris Rapp "The most astonishing thing in relation to mold that I've noticed is the changes that it can cause in your behavior.  If you look at any of my books, you'll see that they're writing is fine and I put a drop of mold allergy extract in their arm and they write upside down.  They write very, very, tiny.  They write real large.  They're all over the place.

Teachers don't know this.  If a youngster is going to a moldy school for example, you may find that a child is fine at home, but at school they can't learn a thing.  They can't remember a thing.  They can't write.  They can't draw.  They can't walk.  Any area of the boy can be affected.  The teachers, educators are not aware of the fact that molds - and in, fact dust and chemical and pollen and foods can affect any area of the body."  - Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D., 40+ year MOLD EXPERT