Open the jar lid and remove the lid with wicks. Then, fill the diffuser up to the top of the jar’s “OIL2AIR™” label with the SCHOOL AIR formula. Finally, place the wicks back into the oil slowly and close the jar lid. Make sure the wicks are straight and upright. Within seconds, diffusing will begin and you will start to see the oil travel up through the wicks.
Hang the diffuser from the return air vent of your air conditioner (in front of the air filter). It is best to have 1 diffuser per air return vent. It can also be placed or hung in areas where there is a low level wind (ceiling fan, doorway, patio, etc.)
Cut the wicks in half. If the smell is still too strong, cut the wicks smaller. If the smell is still too strong, please return the diffuser to OIL2AIR™. You are too sensitive to the SCHOOL AIR formula, and should not use it.
There are only 4 ingredients: Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Clove, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. All of these ingredients are listed as GRAS (substances Generally Recognized As Safe) by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under sections 182.20 and 184.1257.
The company we use to get our essential oils was founded by a lady who was one of the first to import therapeutic quality aromatherapy essential oils and functional plant extracts to the USA from Europe in the 1970s. She holds a California State Board of Pharmacy Certificate, and has more than forty years of experience in cosmetic and dietary supplement manufacturing. She was instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals. Our essential oils are obtained directly from the distillers. Most other essential oils are handled by numerous brokers before they reach the consumer. The high quality of our oils is guaranteed by our quality control expert who regularly visits distillers in the various countries of origin throughout the world. To meet the higher quality standards of phytotherapy, each of our essential oils is guaranteed to be pure, genuine, unadulterated, and of a single species. Many commercially available oils are standardized or manipulated to suit flavor and fragrance industry standards. All of our essential oils are guaranteed pesticide-free. Our oils are analyzed by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrum (GC-MS) methods at an independent European laboratory and the results interpreted by our quality control expert.